Elementary Programs

Elementary education is the basis of all future learning. A successful person starts its journey by getting the right guidance at the elementary level. A weakness developed at this stage, if not corrected in time, is carried over in all future years. That is why few students dislike few subjects because they never got the right education and the right time.

Home Work Help

Kolachi offers help in home work in Math and Science to the children in Grade 1-8. Students attend Kolachi Center 2 days a week. Each education session lasts for one hour. In this program, children get:

  • Help with home work
  • Easy explanation of scientific terms and Math oncepts
  • Discussion for organizing relevant ideas
  • Writing practice

Group Tutoring

Kolachi offers individual tutoring in a group of 2 students. This way they get a conducive competitive environment.

Private Tutoring

In order to help students who are uncomfortable in group learning, Kolachi offers private One-to-One tutoring. Help is provided in Math and Science as per needs of the individual student.