Reliable and Effective resource for learning Math, Science and Reading.

Our Children are our future. The best investment for the future is educating our children. All thoughtful parents do their best to equip their children with every necessary tool required to achieve the success in their life. It is proven beyond doubt that right education at the right time helps children develop qualities like self-discipline, logical reasoning, responsibility, time management and problem-solving.

Kolachi is your reliable and effective resource for learning in Windsor and Greater Essex County. We provide individual tutoring as well as tutoring classes at Kolachi Center. We help with homework, discuss assignments, teach new skills and test whatever is already learned. Our teaching is result oriented, friendly and highly effective. Our past students have proven record of success and have improved their grades.

Online Tutoring

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Group Tutoring

Kolachi offers individual tutoring in a group of 2 students. This way they get a conducive competitive environment.

Private Tutoring

In order to help students who are uncomfortable in group learning, Kolachi offers private One-to-One tutoring. Help is provided in Math and Science as per needs of the individual student.